From the first time I worked for Robert Kennedy, I knew he would become my mentor. We had a connection – It was that simple.

I had recently been invited by Tosca Reno to come by the house on Easter to take some pics of the Bob and the family as his health is failing. Tosca wrote a beautiful entry in her journal about the day. Here’s a link to what she wrote. I urge you to PLEASE take the time to read it over, her coverage is much more eloquent and deserving to the situation. I read it over twice myself.

I’ve always felt very close to Bob, to Tosca and the entire family so I was extremely flattered to be asked to participate in such a special family occasion. What made the day even more memorable was Arnold Schwarzenegger dropping by to visit with Bob.

We used to go for lunch regularly, and would talk about everything under the sun. Largely however, we spoke of photography and the magazine business. His knowledge of the publishing business is limitless. I admit, I didn’t realize how much he taught me at first. But looking back at it now, I’m amazed at everything I’ve come to understand. We’ve grown very close over these talks, and I would always tell people I look up to him like a dad, (A fact I felt too awkward to tell him). We’re close, but I never felt right getting all sentimental. I mean, he’s Robert Kennedy, publisher of MuscleMag – The manliest magazine of them all! One simply doesn’t get all emotional.

So now, I’m glad I got to spend some time alone with him during the visit, just chatting about the good ol’ days, and telling him a couple of horrible jokes I recently heard. I’m also glad I got to tell him personally, what I had only until that time shared with others…just how much he means to me.

Photos from Robert Kennedy a Photographic Life in Review.

Robert Kennedy Book

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Robert Kennedy

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Robert Kennedy : 1938 – 2012

Robert Kennedy passed away today. It’s ironic that the man who had become a father figure to me, passed on my father’s birthday.

Until we meet again my friend.

You can see an amazing photo of the two of us on set together here.

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