I had the good fortune of working with Sarah Blackwood at my last Caribbean pool party. She had come down with a few of the peeps from the Walk Off The Earth clan to shoot some videos, some yoga, get some pics taken, and just plain old have tonnes of fun.

She had just wrapped up shooting a video and they we walking back to the hotel along the beach where I was. I asked her if she was up to shooting – Happily she was game.

I hadn’t planned on shooting her with the hipster glasses but I happened to have them handy, and she just happened to be wearing the nylons from the video shoot – It was just meant to be.

It was funny, one of the Walk Off The Earth guys was close by and as we were about to start shooting she yells out with authority, “LOOK AWAY!!!”. lol

Here’s Sarah singing ‘Wait It Out’ on the beach.

Here’s a video from that same trip with some others for SESSIONS Magazine.

You can see more pics of Sarah and others from the pool party here.

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