Sarah Scotford came buy for some shots today. I always love woking with her as I find we always push the envelope and are not afraid to take chances. Some of the best pics I’ve ever taken are hers.

Today’s shoot was certainly no exception.

We started off shooting some nice cool fitness stuff earlier in the day. The pics from that were pretty awesome, but the final set of the day put all the others to shame.

It’s started innocently enough, I asked her if we ever shot a nerd/hipster glasses set? I asked because I’m compiling a series of these with various models.

Surprisingly, we hadn’t.

So we looked at some of the clothes she brought, and within 10 seconds had the idea sorted out.

The following images ensued.


Footnote; I’m currently having air conditioning installed in the studio. Mike, whom I refer to as ‘The Croatian’ largely due to his incredibly long last name is installing it for me.

Sarah and I walk out into the area he’s working in and I ask him just to look away as there’s going to be some nudity. I could sense his awkwardness.

So I did the only logical thing… I had him take his shirt off and pose for a pic with Sarah!

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