SESSIONS Magazine Volume 7 has just launched.

We’re rather pleased with the success it’s been receiving as of late. One of the places it’s sold is through Zinio – The worlds largest digital distributor. We’ve grown ranks rather fast and now are being sold along some pretty awesome company!

SESSIONS Volume 7 features the work of Angela Marklew with Lauren Calaway.

Cover Credits:

Photographer: Angela Marklew

Model: Lauren Calaway

Make Up : Veronica Lane


Kim Akrigg, Billy Archos, Benjo Arwas, Eleanor Leonne Bennett, Tony Di Lorenzo,  Richard Dubois,  Dwayne Evans, Katherine Gaines, Chantal Hasse, Tyrone Lavigne, Garvin Lee, Angela Marklew, Alessio Migliardi, Vasko Miokovic, Tina Quatroni, Irvin Rivera, Stian Roenning, Valeria Rzianina, Anette Schive, Will Taylor, Ben Tsui, Nicole Vaunt


Billy Archos, Liza Zawadka

Our original mandate was showcasing beautiful creative photography, over time we were continuously approached to showcase art. The photography medium was good, in fact, we were convinced it was great. However, having artists contribute their work has changed the landscape of the magazine beautifully. It’s become a wonderful blend and has left us in the position to push the envelope.  We still hold true to being a submission based magazine and celebrate the fact. We experience pride in giving artists an avenue for expression, an avenue to showcase their work, an avenue to be recognized by their peers and public. By doing so, we also offer the viewer the joy of sharing in this experience.

Help celebrate the art and beauty. Experience your copy today.

All of us at SESSIONS Magazine thank you so much for your support from the very beginning.

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