I’m proud to announce the release of our latest SESSIONS Magazine on Zinio.

I’m very proud of this issue for a few reasons. Firstly, I’d like to thank everyone that helped make this possible – My Art Director – Jaqueline Megaw who painstakingly sorted through all the submissions and pulled together a fantastic issue. I put all my faith in her for this issue and she came through with flying colours.

I’d like to thank Kelleth Cuthbert for rocking the cover (and even more so the video and spread inside the magazine). Not only did she give us exactly what we wanted, she did it with a delightful professionalism and enthusiasm. I know I’ll be working with her again.

I’d also like to thank Valeria Nova for making her Femme Fatale concept a reality with her virtuoso make up and hair.

And also, Lori Fabrizio for styling the shoot and providing way more options than I had ever imagined. I’m not sure if she got more shoes than we needed by accident or to entertain her shoe addiction – Either way, it worked for the best.

I’d like to thank Kalen Hayman and Anthony Clarke of Rasta Couture, for putting together an amazing video montage and interview. Kick ass work guys.

Secondly, I’m proud of the direction the magazine has taken. It’s no longer a glamour magazine, rather a fashion photography magazine. That’s not to be confused with fashion solely. This is more to do with the beautiful photography that helps make up todays fashion industry. I’m certain you’ll enjoy the variety of photographic styles within. I certainly did.

Like I said before, the magazine is on Zinio – Make sure to grab your copy today.

FYI – It looks exceptionally brilliant on the iPad!!!

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