I shoot almost exclusively out of SESSIONS Studios. It’s a super large facility with lots of drive-in bays, big windows, sky-lights and a cool New York warehouse feel.  You can see more of the space at www.sessionsstudios.com.

I’m not the only one that shoots there, Ward Laforme Jr, calls this place home. Just the other day, I walked through the gallery area and there was Ward, shoes off,  sprawled out on a sofa with a magazine – One would think he WAS at home! lol. That same day saw Chris V Linton and Billy Archos doing their thing. Yanki Yuksel, Liana Louzon, Jason Breeze are also familiar faces on the premises.

Because of the relaxed nature of the place, there are always photographers around eager to exchange ideas and funny stories.

All in all, the place is a photographer’s dream come true.

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