I wish I could take all the credit for this but I can’t. Lori Fabrizio and Valeria Nova came up with the idea after the latest trends in the, ‘Shit People Say’ genre of entertainment. Sarah Scotford and Rita Catolino happily joined  in. They were going to do it themselves, but I agreed to step up and shoot the video. At the time I agreed, I was under the impression someone else was going to edit it!

Seven hours later!!!! Here I am uploading the video I edited.

We have soooo many outtakes from this, we can almost do a part two.

Here’s another quickie re Jamie Eason.

We can’t believe all the incredibly positive feedback we’ve been receiving from everyone. The video has been shared by hundreds of people and posted, quite generously, on many fitness sites.

The comment below made me laugh out loud.

But don’t worry, I plan to stick around a little longer.


We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your incredible support!

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