So many people that have visited the studio have told me we NEED to have a realty show and I couldn’t agree with them more. Even TV producers agree. Some of the day to day craziness is just too good to keep to myself.

I get approached at least twice a year to start a show. I’ve always said one day we’ll have one but the truth of it was that I’m not looking for a job.

Allow me to explain. It occurred to me a few years ago that signing with a major production house would literally mean I would have a, (or more than one) boss. I like to think I’ve managed just fine without bosses this far. What worried me more was that most of these people I spoke with were interested in seeing what kind of conflict they could create to make the show more interesting. I don’t really subscribe to this, in fact I completely disagree with it. While I can appreciate it makes for interesting viewing, I’ve worked very hard at removing all forms of negativity and conflict from my life and studio. We never fight here, and we treat each other with tremendous courtesy and respect. We’re like a family at the studio.  If I had signed on with a major network, my boss’s first order of business would be to introduce conflict in our lives.

Would it be worth it?

I don’t think so.

So I did the only logical thing – I  decided to go it alone and produce a show all my own – I introduce Shooting Skin.

I’m a bit emotional about this because it saddens me I didn’t have the time to take and/or post more behind the scenes images and videos. When I look back at all the significant moments that just slipped by undocumented… Also, when I was starting out, I had a much different view of the industry than I have now. I am much more aware of the business machine of the industry and I’m really looking forward to sharing my experiences with everyone.

Here are the rules of the show; There are no rules.

Because we don’t have to meet any duration demands or restrictions, episodes can be as long as they need to be. You can expect to see episodes ranging from 4 minutes to whatever is needed. Also, because we have decided to forego schedules as well, we’ll be releasing episodes as we finish them. This means one week you might get to see a couple of episodes and nothing the next. We don’t want to can this and deliver episodes too polished, on the contrary, the roughness and amateur-ness will give it it’s authenticity.

My life at the studio is more than just shooting scantily clad women, which is what most people think. I am in a constantly juggling running various businesses, meeting deadlines, travelling, and of course shooting.  That’s not to say the show won’t have it’s certain degree of sexiness and craziness from time to time. You’ll see lots of sexy but you’ll also see, (more importantly) the business of fitness and sexy. Here’s an quick overview of the businesses we run daily and you can expect to see;

I with Jacqueline Megaw, produce two magazines SESSIONS and ANDIVERO, along with their corresponding websites. (ANDIVERO is being produced in 4 different languages – Websites and Magazines)
I own a multi-plex building and rent out 4/5 of it.
I run a studio rental business
I host over 80 websites on my dedicated server.
Along with Lori Fabrizio we run a stock photography business.
I run the overXXXposed shows (With lots of help from the whole team)
I throw two successful pool parties abroad per year – In Las Vegas and in the Caribbean.
Shoot-outs in different cities.
I’m the chief Photographer for Oxygen Magazine and also shoot for various other major magazines.
I shoot  for independent private and commercial clients.
We are launching the overXXXposed T-Shirt line with Lori (all on the show).
And now you can add Reality Show Producer to the list.

We’ll also be coving Lori and Valeria’s beauty blog and everything else I can’t even begin to predict.

It’s because of our positions with the magazines and corporate clients that we get to deal with the top people in the scene. You’ll get to see a very different view of the fitness industry from the business end of things. This alone I feel is a major reason for people to tune in, and yes, for the fun spin we put on everything.


The show is completely free but we recommend you subscribe (also free) as we’ll be keeping certain episodes and blogs exclusive to our subscribers.

Check out where Lori recorded the most amazing announcement for the show ever!

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Thanking you in advance for your support.

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