Yesterday Paul was doing a photo shoot with an actress named Sitara Hewitt. In the morning before she arrived I asked Paul if he was still shooting her and explained to him that I thought it was really cool that she was coming by… because I used to watch her on that game show “You Bet Your Ass”.

She’s also on Little Mosque on the Prairie! Which I have never watched, but it’s still going so it must be a good show lol.

Anywho, I used to watch You Bet Your Ass when I was in high school!! Sitara wore those really tight tshirts with the funny slogans on them saying things like “these are real”. haha… Oh god.

So Paul embarrassed me by telling her all about how I was excited to meet her. He loves embarrassing me 🙂

We got some pictures together though! So you can all see how hot Sitara Hewitt is. And how pale I am in comparison to her. haha.

Jackie and Sitara

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