If you’ve ever taken the time to read further back in my journal, you would have noticed a bunch of entries regarding Liz Hubbard. I used to refer to her as the nuts in my gum.

Liz Hubbard

Anyhow, a while back she landed a role in the movie American Pie – Beta House.
Needless to say, I was supper proud of her as she also managed to get a great lead spot on the movie poster below;

American Pie Beta House Cover

To make things ever more cool was the fact that another very good friend of mine Michelle Suppa ALSO got a part in the movie and ALSO got on the poster cover. I originally met Michelle on a shoot for Playboy’s Special Editions. I remember calling her with news of her acceptance into Playboy… She screamed sooo loud and started hyper-ventilating on the phone.

Michelle Suppa is on the right of the guy and Liz Hubbard is on the left.

Michelle Suppa

I’m so proud of my girls!!!

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