I’ve never felt as compelled to share a story I came across on Facebook as I did today.

Robyn Balliet is a Social Media Professional. I enlisted her services for SESSIONS Magazine a few months back, and have seen a huge turn in the magazine’s social exposure since. I was reviewing some of the posts for the magazine when I stumbled upon one she had written quite unlike anything I’ve ever read from a friend.  It was kind of buried and not given any real significance. It was as though it was an afterthought, something she simply does every day…

Here’s her post.


 I had THE most humbling experience last night. I was driving by a grocery store after watching fireworks and noticed an older woman all by herself in front of the store surrounded by three carts full of groceries. Something told me to pull in and ask her if she was okay.

When asked,  she told me the store had closed an hour ago and the taxi she had called was late (holiday). She was blind, alone, and obviously needed help. As soon as she told me that, I of course, offered to take her home. She felt bad but I insisted! She literally had a month worth of groceries because she only goes shopping here and there. I loaded everything up, got her in my car and took her home.

When we got there I unloaded everything (took me 20 minutes but what a great work out lol). When I was done I put it all away for her. All the while trying hard for her to not hear me crying. Her beautiful home was a wreck because of her disability. Cats running around everywhere. The whole house a complete mess and smelled awful. I could barely control my sadness. It completely broke my heart to see this poor little woman all alone like that.

I asked her where her family was?

Both her sons had died. One killed by a drunk driver – both at young ages. Her husband had died 3 years ago. By the time I sat down with her it was very late but I just wanted to let her talk and help her feel better. While she chatted away, I realized just how truly alone she was.

It is so sad to think there are so many others just like her all alone with no family or help. She is a brilliant woman and I have made a personal vow to help her whenever I can. Take her shopping, out to eat, go for a walk etc. These are small gestures, I can’t afford much more, but if I can make her heart feel happy again, even just a little bit, it’ll all be worthwhile.

Selflessness and giving rather then selfishness and taking! : )


I knew she was a good person with a golden heart. I’m proud to call her friend.

When I asked her about this, she very modestly stated she wished she could do more.  She also told me she was going over to see her again real soon. I’m hopeful she’ll post on an ongoing basis. You can follow her on twitter @robynballiet to see if she does.

I just sent her $100.00 via PayPal to take this woman out for a dinner, shopping for groceries, or even just give it to her if that’s what she feels is best. If you feel compelled to help, even though neither are asking for it, send over a couple of dollars. Hell, we tip bartenders more simply for bringing us drinks!

PayPal to robynballiet@yahoo.com

I’m always proud to support those I love and great causes!

Even if you don’t send money, you can help by sharing the story on Facebook.

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