I had first met Sofia Venanzetti back in February when she had flown up from Miami to be in the overXXXposed fashion show. I remember that first meeting very well. I was at the studio setting up for the overXXXposed show when, by chance I happened to walk by the front door. I heard a faint knock, I looked at the window and there was this tall female wearing a big hat, a coat with her collar pulled up to her ears, and a scarf wrapped around her face to her eyes. She was shivering like crazy as she was outside the building for quite a bit wondering if she was at the right place.

I let her in, introduced myself and that’s when I first heard her Italian accent. Wow! I knew that moment that she was a total heart breaker!

More than just that… Her performance on-stage  was so amazing that she caught the eye of a couple of staff members in attendance from Oxygen Magazine.

I forwarded her images and contact info to the good people at Oxygen after the show and fast forward to last week, she was booked and flown up from Miami for a spread shoot for Oxygen.

Because she was in town for a few days, I invited her to come back to the studio the next day and hang out at my next Oxygen shoot.

Wearing my super cool night glasses

The next day, we agreed to shoot some fun stuff for her portfolio. There was NO WAY I was going to let her go back to Miami without shooting her… And can you blame me?


What an amazing little shoot we had. The pics were incredible – We couldn’t figure out which were her favorites.

While I was closing up she took this dandy… Boom.

Anyhow, after the shoot we were driving back to my place as we were going out later with friends for diner and drinks when she gave me her thoughts on a trailer she had seen the day before at the studio…


Here we are having diner with George.

After dinner we went downtown for drinks with Baywatch babe Sarah Scotford.

Unfortunately Sofia had to fly back to Miami today but I’m looking forward to seeing her at my pool party in Vegas. That’s right, she’ll be there!

You can see more crazy pics of Sofia HERE.

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