I had been the Chief Photographer for Oxygen for about 8 years and in that time I had helped establish the aesthetic of female fitness as it had come to be known. While the aesthetic was mine, I had to shoot it in the way I was directed to. Deep down, I knew women were seeing themselves differently than the way it was being represented not only in Oxygen but their competition as well – Namely Muscle and Fitness Hers, and Fitness RX. The representation was that of how men see women in fitness. It was clean and pretty, with the models smiling during exercises. Call me crazy, but I just wasn’t ‘feeling it.’

I had started STRONG Fitness magazine with the intent of representing women’s fitness in a new manner, in a way that was more honest, a way women wanted to be represented. With the help and guidance of Editor in Chief Kirstyn Brown, we established the message and look of what a STRONG woman is: It’s hard work, it’s honest, both physically and emotionally and it’s REAL!

Kirstyn Brown - Editor in Chief

Kirstyn Brown – Editor in Chief

With this magazine, we are changing the rules of publishing in the fitness genre. I’m so proud of my team.

Below are samples of the aesthetic of STRONG.

Just recently Jennifer Chareunvong fought her first professional MMA fight in Las Vegas. We were incredibly honoured she wore the STRONG logo on her shorts.

STRONG Jennifer


At every STRONGCAMP I am told by numerous attendees how STRONG speaks to them. The messages, the images, the information is fresh and new. The overwhelming emotions at the camp is truly something greater than anything I could have imagined. I wish there was a way I could show how profound these camps can get. ‘Life-changing’, is a term I hear often. I am so proud of the work we’re doing with Jessie Hilgenberg at the helm of these camps. One of the great things I’m quite proud of, is that everyone at the camp gets into both STRONG and the Training Guide. Please, if you know someone that attended a STRONGCAMP, I urge you to ask what their experience was like. What I can tell you is all of us are now part of something bigger.  A movement if you will. You can see more of the STRONGCAMPs here.

The magazine has been developing a tremendous following. More than just a few fans here and there. Our readers have been establishing stronger bonds with STRONG than I had ever imagined. Kirstyn and Jessie have a tremendous chemistry and are over-delivering on everything on a continuous basis. I can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

STRONGCAMP Director - Jessie Hilgenberg

STRONGCAMP Director – Jessie Hilgenberg

On the business side, I have created a plan where people planning on either shooting with me or attending a STRONGCAMP can get a free subscription to STRONG as well as a printed copies of the STRONG Training Guide mailed to them. (We don’t sell the printed Training Guide anywhere). It will also be offering other free goodies with this plan. Please take a moment to check out this package. Sign up today and get a complimentary issue!

I’m proud to announce on top of the regular STRONG Fitness Magazine and STRONG Training guide, we are currently in the the process of creating a special to be released this year.

If you’ve attended a camp, please feel free to share what it meant to you below.

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