It’s official, I just bought my tickets and finally have the location and resort selected.

I’ll be going to The Dominican Republic and enjoying the lovely beaches of Punta Cana. I’ve managed to get a pretty good deal for a one week all inclusive at under $950 – Taxes included. Please be advised that prices fluctuate frequently.

You can read more updates HERE.

We’ll be flying out on December 2 and returning on December 9, 2011 (Friday to Friday).

I’m planning on shooting with a different approach, and I’m going to recommend it to other photographers – I think it will make for a much more interesting outcome, with a lot more possibilities for being published.

I’m also making this a more selective and exclusive trip. If you want to be considered, please contact me directly but don’t wait too long as the trip is less than a month away!

So far, we have a solid group of photographers, make up artists and models coming. Here’s a link of everyone coming, FOR those coming. I’m very pleased with the group thus far. It’s not going to be a big blow-out like in previous years. It’s going to be much more intimate with a greater focus on quality work than quantity.

Can’t wait to kick it up a notch in the Caribbean all of you!!!

Or you can stay behind and enjoy this…

At the Corner of Dundas and Wharton Way - You know,.. by Diamonds.

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