While assisting a lifestyle shoot at Robert Kennedy and Tosca Reno’s home, I was asked to grab a bike from the garage…

Now you gotta understand, getting something from the garage to bring down to the pool at Bob Kennedy’s requires a 5km hike uphill!

I’m pretty fit so I made it…but naturally decided to ride the bike back downhill!

What an adventure!

The bike is a damn antique and, at one point,I fully thought I would fly off and scrape my face on the road!!

Val on the red bike

The funniest thing is when I asked Paul to take a pic to commemorate my near death experience on the red bike he got a little envious and also wanted a picture with it…

Paul and the red bike

…not quite the same effect, Paulie! Unfortunately, the only way I can describe this photo is in french…Le gay! LOL

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