Alrighty. I’m lying in my bed right now, it’s a little warm under my covers but I don’t care!!! It’s too comfortable. Today was a long day at work, and I worked hard! You better believe it!! I have photos to prove it too :p

Today Paul caught me on “candid camera” a couple times. The first time he snuck his digital camera around the corner and videotaped me singing a HARDCORE song!!!! Man that’s embarrassing. Hopefully he’ll post that video sometime soon so that you can all laugh at me!

After that, he came into my office and I had my tongue sticking out of my mouth while I was working on the computer. It’s a habit!!! I do it when I’m shooting too, I can’t help it, I’m sorry. Well, he laughed at me a lot…. and gave me that look like he was saying in his head “Oh.. My.. God.. This girl is not normal.”

Don’t worry there are pictures of this too. RIGHT NOW!

Ok and here is a nicer picture of me to prove that I am not, shall we say “challenged”.

Love, Peace and Chicken Grease!!

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