I was in Las Vegas shooting for Oxygen when out of the corner of my eye, I catch a tall drink of water walking into the gym. I think I have a heightened babe radar. I look over to my left and who do I see walking into the gym to work out?

Sofia Venanzetti. If you’ve never heard her accent, check out the song, ‘Loca People’ it’s totally her.

(Gianni, la gente esta mui loca – WTF)

You can check out her site at SofiaVenanzetti.com

So anyhow, I get back to shooting and I see this cute brunette working out. She has a great jaw line, a great physique and a presence I just know would translate well. Not wanting to be the guy that approaches girls in the gym with their card, “I’m a photographer, I can get you into magazines…” I send Valeria Nova over to say hi and ask her to come over and meet some of the Oxygen Magazine team that was with us.

After chatting with the magazine peeps for a bit I decide it’s now my time to chime in. She mentions that she’s done some modeling in the past and I may have seen her work – Vida Guerra. WTF???

I remember her stuff before I got into the fitness game. Valeria used to have one of her pics up on her wall – She was one of the models that inspired her to paint her  “hot chicks” series. Lori also remembered her, for different reasons. Vida was kinda the first big booty white girl before it was popular. Lori said she was inspired by her because she had a big booty and boys liked her – Lori wanted the same. <GRIN>

You can see more of her at VidaGuerra.com

We exchanged numbers, pics, and I hope we can set something up in the near future!

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