I was going through an old hard-drive, when I came across some back-stage coverage I had shot at the WBFF a while back.

What surprised me was how many people I photographed back then that have come to be my friends.

Some names include Rita Catolino, Monica Brant, Bree Lind, Claire Rae, Emily Pantaleo, Natalia Muntean, Mary Kasvi, Stefanie Richard, Lina Jade, Svetlana Romanova, Veronique Morin, Ocean Bloom,  Miryah Jade Scott, Lyzabeth Lopez, Justine Munro, Jennifer Nicole Lee JNL, Gretchen Coley, Lindsay Messina, Chady Dunmore, Angelike Psoinos, Annette Milbers, and Andrea Smith. (No particular order)

So here’s a walk down memory lane… (again, in no particular order).

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