The details;
When: March 24 – 27, 2022
Where : To be determined
How : With my magic camera.
Why : Because you deserve to look and feel as beautiful as possible, AND so you can brag to you friends with the hottest assed pics in town.  They are going to be so envious!
What : What’s the cost? The real question should be what’s the real cost of NOT shooting. Living the rest of your days wondering how much better you could have done from last time we shot? To get back to the original question however, the total is $1500.00 and it includes make up and hair. (***Whispers for effect*** – Since you get all the pics at the end of the shoot, it’s like you’re paying less than a dollar per picture AND, this sentence is way too long to be in parenthesis).

If this is our first time working together, the answer to your question is yes, you’ll look as good as the pics of mine you’ve seen out there. Don’t let your friends shoot with me and be able to hold her stupid hot pics over your head like a Karen, who does she think she is anyhow, she doesn’t know you, she doesn’t know what you’ve been through.

Email me at and lets do this.

Oh and if you can’t shoot, please refer a friend, just forget the shit I said about her holding it over your head and stuff.



Side effects of shooting with Paul Buceta may include;
Uncontrollable smilling
Bouts of unexpected laughter
Dreams of being crazy sexy
Messy hair
May light a fire in your relationship
Can make you popular on Tinder
A heightened possibility of becoming pregnant (Not by Paul – That’s extra)
A new-found sense of confidence, an increase of self esteem and pride 
Lastly, you’ll find Paul Buceta to be as amazing as he does.

You can see all the details of what’s included in the shoot as well as some samples here.

Oh, and here I am on the Sally Show as promised. You’ll need to ask me why I was on the show at the shoot.