Firstly, I ask that you keep this link confidential as I’m not offering this to the general public.

As you know, my regular location shoot is $1500.  This program offers an opportunity to shoot for only $1200. 
No deposit required required and you pay for the shoot with monthly payments of only $100.00 and it includes makeup and hair. 

You’ll end up with a ridiculous number of images at the end of the shoot.

If you don’t want to go the instalment route, you can also secure the shoot with a $500 retainer now and the $700 paid at the shoot. You can do that with a $500 eTransfer to

As soon as you sign up, please email me at letting me know the date of the shoot. I want to make sure everything gets secured properly.

I’m looking forward to working with you.

Shoot value of $1200 CAD. A minimum 12 payments of $100 CAD is required per shoot. You can pay up-front if desired or cancel at any time. If payments are cancelled after the shoot, the difference outstanding will be owed. As part of the discount, no unused portion of the plan or retainer is refundable. The plan is non-transferable at any time.  You can keep the program going for multiple shoots.