I’m so glad you’re here, this trip is going to be freaking awesome!

You’ve seen the pictures, the videos and probably even heard from a friend or two about how incredible these Caribbean adventures are.  The social media footprint for these trips rock, plus you end up with both the best content and memories… and be the envy of all your friends ANNNND have an amazing tan for the holidays!

It’s going to be great to be able to spend time with many of you from past travel parties, and even more great to make new friends and memories.

The Shoot Package $2500.00
Everyone gets individual shoots, group shoots, videos and candids – More specifically;

From Monica
2 Individual looks 

From Paul

5 Individual looks, One of them will be a night ocean shoot – Crazy hot!
2 Themed group shoots minimum. We might get one more.

We’ll be shooting another instalment of  Angels in Paradise for ANDIVERO Magazine.

Makeup and hair included for all individual shoots.
You get ALL the images in-high res with no watermarks to do with as you please before you head home. No other photographers do this.

You leave with all your images from the trip as well as thousands of candids. The majority of people we work with never even ask for edits as the images simply don’t need it.

If  you’ve been to any of our prior adventures, you’ve seen how many images we take and how overwhelming simply going through all your images can be – This is a really great problem to have from a shoot, and even more so from a trip with friends. 

Please keep in mind, the shoot package quoted here is only for images, participants are responsible for their lodging, transportation and misc expenses.

DATES : December 1-8, 2024
Currently Looking at Punta Cana
Please don’t mention publicly what hotel we are at when updated as we don’t want creepers coming.
Also, I recommend using my agent for Canadian residents. He’s really good and handles all my trips plus we’l be sure to get on the same flights.


Everyone should bring an all white bikini or swimsuit as well as a captain’s hat. This has become a bit of a trademark look for all of my trips and we always have a lot of fun shooting them. On this same shoot, please bring a black bikini/swimsuit for some bunny mask pics – I’ll supply the masks.

The next look is a super colourful bikini or swimsuit along with a snorkel and mask. It’s ok if you don’t have, not everyone will need to have for the group shoot. I was thinking this might be a nice prop as well for the night time beach pics. 

There will be other options for group stuff that we can determine there. We always say hey lets shoot, “insert good idea here”…

For the individual shoots we will be shooting two looks in the suite and two looks on the beach. For the looks in the room you can bring some lingerie or what ever you’d like. For shooting on the beach, obviously you can wear a bikini but don’t be afraid to be creative. We’ve shot wet jeans in the ocean topless (implied), or cool nylons, full suit blazers etc…

You’ll want to bring a laptop or hard drive so I can give you your pics!

Be sure to check back as I’ll be adding more to this page as ideas come to me. (Remember to refresh your screen to see the changes)