Congrats girl, you’re here at the cool table, you know why? Because we had an amazing time working together and even better pictures, right? Also, because I don’t care that my English teacher would cringe at my starting of a sentence with the word ‘because’, but I digress.

Like my message said, I’m offering you an over $850 discount. HOLY FUCK RIGHT?

As you know, my regular one-hour location shoot is $1350 and my studio rate is $2500.  This program offers an opportunity to shoot with me for only $600. (In my best cheesy tv commercial voice, ‘But wait, there’s more’), no deposit required and you pay for the shoot with monthly payments of only $50.00. It also includes a print subscription to STRONG Fitness Magazine and a  membership to STRONG’s Membership website valued at over $250 per year. I want to make shooting together as easy and beneficial for you as I can,

I don’t have to remind you know how many images you get after a shoot and how long that lasts on social media.

You get either a one-hour location shoot for when I’m in your city, or a half day at my studio, your choice.

Due to my current workload with STRONG, ANDIVERO and regular shoots, I will only be inviting a few of you to come sit at the cool table with us. As a courtesy, please let me know if you chose to pass and please don’t wait too long to sign up or I might invite others in your place.

It’s a great deal right? Lets do this.

I’m looking forward to working with you again!

Shoot value of $600 USD. A minimum 12 payments of $50 USD is required per shoot. You can pay up-front if desired or cancel at any time. If payments are cancelled after the shoot, the difference outstanding will be owed. No unused portion of the plan is refundable. The plan is non-transferable at any time.  You can keep the program going for multiple shoots. Make up and hair is not included. You can chose to do your own or schedule a make up artist for an additional fee.