A coupe of years ago Dani Charlene won a free shoot.  She knew it was going to be an amazing experience but was not prepared for just how much of an impact it would have on her life from that point onwards. (Scroll down to see her video)

Feeling compelled to make sure others got to experience how empowering it was for her she asked me if she could pay for a shoot to give away. This was a first for me in over 15 years. I knew she was a kind and generous person but wow, this was another level. 

She bought the shoot and a mother of 2 (Sam) from across north America and another country had got to share in her experience. She too felt the empowerment and lit a fire of confidence and self worth within.

Dani is at it again this year and the responses have been overwhelming with so many people asking to be able to help pay it forward because of their personal experience.

Lets Help Dani Gave Away More

Now Dani, (a mother of two herself) is on a limited budget and while she would love to give more than one per year away she just can’t. This got me thinking, if you’d like to help in this endeavour here’s where you can. Simply make a donation of any amount you’d like and I’ll post your name below in acknowledgement. I will be personally donating $150 towards the shoot so once we receive $1200 you’ll have contributed to another shoot to be given away.


Contributions So Far

$25 Kelly Bridges
$25 Katlyn Boxler
$50 @misterjohnnypizza
$100 Susan Tripp
$50 Jessica Harper
$50 Nancy Defilippis
$100 Brenda Brouillard
$25 Natalie Contorno
$25 Anonymous
$50 Eldon Wheeler
$100 Jena Weiss
$100 Sarah Daul
$50 Jennifer Michalski
$50 Melani Steele-Melnyk
$50 Khristi Lee Lister
$25 Karen Petrini
$50 Dacia Lucas
$50 Jessica Burgio
$150 Paul Buceta
$200 Kim Gunther
$100 @misterjohnnypizza

Dani Charlene’s Story – Worth the watch.


Sam the winner for last year’s giveaway.

Sam before and after

Dani’s first contest was such an amazing experience. I had no idea what to expect. As a mom I was always doing everything for everyone else. I knew I wanted to do a shoot one day but I just couldn’t dedicate the time or money for something just for me. (Hello mom guilt) winning the contest forced me to do something for myself and it was the best experience. Paul helped me to see the real me. The woman hiding inside my mom shell. Without Paul and Dani I never would have seen what I was capable of. Now they are doing it again and this is your chance to find the real you.