Saturday April 27, 2019 Individual and Group Shoot

I’m looking forward to working with everyone this Saturday.  Below is a listing of shoot times. Please keep in mind things will move quickly and there will likely be some changes.

Images will range from head shots to strong fitness stance. Make up and hair times will be much earlier so please confirm those times with Monica.

12:00 : Heather Chapman
12: 15 : Barb Sotos
12:30 : Violaine Pigeon
12:45 : Karen Swyszcz
1:00 : Nadia Dedic
1:15 : Jahanne Walker
1:30 : Jocelyn Hinz
1:45 : Jena Weiss
2:00 : Pauline Caballero
2:15 : Sharlene Rochard
2:30 : Annie Graft
2:45 : Tarrah Wynn
3:00 : Carol Hanley
3: 15 : Lola Small
3:30 : Deirdre Slattery

Group shoots happen at the end. I ask everyone bring a laptop, hard drive or USB to get a copy of the images.

I ask everyone bring a variety of outfits ranging in colors, patterns and black and white. 

The studio address is 2532 Wharton Glen Ave Unit 3 in Mississauga. The sign on the door reads PS.

I’m looking forward to working together!