You’ve probably seen the image below or one from this series as they have made their way across social media quite a bit.

How would you like to be in an image like this? One that I’m certain will be popular on social media?

The shoot date is Saturday February 22, 2020, and will take place at my studio – The Production Studio and will also include a couple of videos of the entire event as shown below.

Left to right: Erica Willick, Chelcea Davis, Lindsay Messina, Rachel Davis-Hamilton, and Andreia Brazier

 You’ll really want to be part of this.

The Looks

I’ll be shooting three different looks. The first will be like the image below. The theme will be badass fitness so you’ll need to bring your best badass fitness outfit(s).

Left to Right: Rachel Davis-Hamilton, Chelcea Davis, Erica Willick, Andreia Brazier

The second look will be in a one-piece black swimsuit. This will be a bit more stylistically sexy similar to the image below.

I ask you bring black heels to go with your swimsuit.

Join US

Because I will only have room for so many, I will need to cap the shoot at 25 – Half the size from last time. If you’re interested in attending and being part of it please reach out to   
Once you’re confirmed for the shoot you’ll be added to the group page which will provide all the details of the shoot including location, times and other particulars as they arise – The group page will be updated with new information as we have it.

Fun right?

The Cost

The cost to be part of the group shot is just $200.00 and will be payable at the time of reserving your spot. This is non-refundable or transferable as production for this shoot will be extensive and the majority of the work will have been done long before the shoot. Please only sign up if you are 100% committed to doing it. As you can imagine, this will sell out quickly so please don’t wait too long to reach out..

I look forward to working with you.