Annette Milbers - The Best Body In The World

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the best body in the world

by Paul Buceta

merican Curves Cover - Annette Milbers Annette and I recently got the cover of American Curves Lingerie Special Edition. It's incredible, there are over 33 of our pictures in this issue. it's on newstands now so be sure to pick up your copy today - I have a feeling they'll be selling out soon.

You can order your copy here

REPS Magazine

Annette Milbers is not only a pro fitness model who has graced the cover of fitness magazines around the world, but is also a trainer and a writer. Her passion for fitness is obvious when you meet this bubbly, spirited woman. It is a lifestyle and way of life for her.

Annette is a 29 year old single mother of two girls, Shyanne and Kylie. Her children are the inspiration behind her wanting to be fit and healthy. Balance is important she says in order to prioritize and be realistic, when it comes to maintaining a family, work, and competing. She has been competing for five years in fitness, figure and fitness model shows across North America. Winning the World Fame Pro show in 2005 and proving she has the best body in the world.
annette_milbers_22.jpg annette_milbers_23.jpg annette_milbers_23b.jpg annette_milbers_17.jpg

Annette has had the privilege of working with some of the worlds best photographers. In the process, modeling has become one of her passions. She claims it's much like acting - Another one of her passions. She loves the diversity of modeling - one shoot she is a sexy goddess and the next, the girl next door.

Annette Milbers is no girl next door though. Her excitement for life is contagious and addictive. She continously sets high goals for herself and her career. According to Annette, "What I have accomplished thus far is only the beginning". While her goals may be lofty indeed, if anyone can acheive them she certainly can.

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Inside Fitness Cover - Annette Milbers We also got a cover with Inside Fitness Magazine.
What can I say - Annette Milbers makes me look good!

Seriously, you really can't take a bad picture of this girl. All I did was show up, point the camera, and collect the cheque. Oh yeah, and lets not forget, take all the credit.

Thanks so much for everything Annette - You ROCK!

annette_milbers_01.jpg annette_milbers_02.jpg annette_milbers_03.jpg annette_milbers_04.jpg annette_milbers_05.jpg
annette_milbers_06.jpg annette_milbers_07.jpg annette_milbers_08.jpg annette_milbers_09.jpg annette_milbers_10.jpg
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Special thanks to Robert Kennedy and the Crew at American Curves
You can see more of Annette at
Make Up and Hair provided by

You can read the journal and see videos and candid pics from this shoot here

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