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michelle pantoliano

I've known Michelle Pantoliano for almost two years now.

When I first met her she was very serious and professional. However, as time went on she became more comfortable with me and began to let her hair down.

Looking back, I don't think I was prepared for how close we would ultimately become.

We became great friends spending tonnes of time together. We'd meet for lunch, hit a local club, and/or just hang out and chat.


What a pair we make.

Being friends with Michelle has certainly had it's benefits as a photographer. We both enjoyed working together and would, without fail, always end up with fantastic photos.


The biggest shame is I can't include more pictures. Together, we have probably taken over 3000 pictures!

As I sit here recalling some of the crazier and more memorable things we've done, I'm reminded of this one time we harassed the locals on film.
We had borrowed some video and audio gear from a close friend and hit the streets asking people trivia questions.
Michelle was at her top game and I swear, she had me crying from laughter the whole day.

This was one of the first times I used the camera as well as editing the final product.

It's a little choppy but well worth it.

Click pic above to see the clip.

4,300 kb

* * *

Here's another little story that's worth mentioning.

Michelle is from New York. When she first arrived to Toronto she became a bit confused about a TV commercial she saw.
The commercial was a parody that entailed two adults dressed like bunnies going door to door asking for chocolate eggs. This commercial was geared to sell Cadbury's Easter Creme Eggs around Easter.
Michelle had telephoned me asking if people go, "Trick or treating like Halloween" on Easter.
As Easter was a week away I said, in a very honest and serious manner, "Of course we do, don't you do that in New York?" and left it at that.

A day or two later Michelle approaches me all huffy puffy because in a conversation with someone else she had mentioned that she had to buy chocolate eggs for the kids that will be coming soon....

You can kinda' figure out the rest.

Paul Buceta=1
Michelle Pantoliano=0
michelle pantoliano interview
interview with michelle

I've had my site up since January 2003. In that time I even started a journal wherein I had been requesting models to step forward to have their pictures taken.

One would have figured that being a friend, Michelle would have volunteered to pose for me.

But that's not how it happened.

I had to beg and plead for her to pose for me on my site. (Well not really, I just like the sympathy).

Anyhow Michelle agreed and we set a date.

I picked her up for the SESSION at 11:00 am.
We have a routine whenever I pick her up. Because she lives on a busy street downtown, I call her on my cell to let her know I've arrived and wait in the car. This is to avoid getting towed.
Luckily, I brought my camera along. I decided to get a picture of her as she left he building - And good thing I did.

michelle_pantoliano_01.jpg michelle_pantoliano_02.jpg michelle_pantoliano_03.jpg
michelle_pantoliano_04.jpg michelle_pantoliano_05.jpg michelle_pantoliano_06.jpg
michelle_pantoliano_07.jpg michelle_pantoliano_08.jpg michelle_pantoliano_09.jpg

I couldn't help chuckle at her uncanny resemblance to a Hooter's girl. When I commented on this, she asked me not to tell anyone.
"Me? Of course not".

We had been working for quite some time before we finally decided to break for lunch. Michelle likes to eat Japanese food - Something I very rarely do.
Because of my lack of knowledge of Japanese cuisine I asked Michelle if she would be so kind as to order a lunch for me, "Surprise me".


We ate so much food that I thought we were both going to explode. To top it all off, I made the mistake of sampling something on her plate. I found out later it was some kind of cabbage with hot sauce. I don't know if I mentioned it yet but I don't take well to spicy foods. I ended up spitting it out into my napkin.
I am such a baboon!

Here we are at the offending restaurant.

Michelle said we look like we're on a honeymoon in this picture. I think she's kinda right.