Annette Milbers - Fitness Model

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1st - miss chin bikini
1st - swimmsuit Canada
1st - miss speederama london and toronto
1st - miss man show
make up and hair by toronto make up artist

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sanaz_d_001.jpg sanaz_d_002.jpg sanaz_d_003.jpg sanaz_d_004.jpg sanaz_d_005.jpg sanaz_d_006.jpg sanaz_d_007.jpg
sanaz_d_008.jpg sanaz_d_009.jpg sanaz_d_010.jpg sanaz_d_011.jpg sanaz_d_012.jpg sanaz_d_013.jpg sanaz_d_014.jpg
sanaz_d_015.jpg sanaz_d_016.jpg sanaz_d_017.jpg sanaz_d_018.jpg sanaz_d_019.jpg sanaz_d_020.jpg sanaz_d_021.jpg
sanaz_d_022.jpg sanaz_d_023.jpg sanaz_d_024.jpg sanaz_d_025.jpg sanaz_d_026.jpg sanaz_d_027.jpg sanaz_d_028.jpg

Swimwear by Naz
Image_5451c.jpg Image_5476c.jpg Image_5507c.jpg Image_5517c.jpg Image_5542b.jpg Image_5559b.jpg
Image_5639b.jpg Image_5648b.jpg Image_5665b.jpg Image_5703b.jpg Image_5773b.jpg