An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta

2003 03 01 - The Doppelganger

I have received a few emails asking to see a picture of my friend that looks like Jodi Valdes the Playboy model.
I managed to find a picture of her that was taken a couple of years ago. I'm now hoping that she won't mind me posting it on here. Hell, what are friends for - right?

Just to smooth things over with her, (in case she's not as understanding as I'd hoped) I'll fill you all in on a little secret.
I pride myself on being an adequate chess player. I had played in high school and even brought it into the Bank where I began a small chess group.
(Don't leave yet - it gets better)
In my conversations with Sonia, I found out that she was a fan of chess.
Well, I was ecstatic, I mean brains AND beauty?
So I decided to play her a game or two thinking, "this will be nice". I thought I'd take it easy at first - You know, I didn't want to send her home in tears. And wouldn't you know it; the bitch kicked my ass all over the place! It was I, that went home in tears.
If I remember correctly, the final tally was six games to one.

Now I don't feel so bad about posting her picture here.