An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta

2003 03 04 - Fanny and the Magic Factory

Someone sent me an email requesting I put up a picture of the place where I produce my journal - Or what I like to call "The Magic".
Here it is.

Some of the things worth mentioning;
I do quite a bit of photo and video editing, and as a result find that splitting my computer screen gives me a tremendous amount of desktop space to work with.
There's a huge amount of chap stick to the left, just out of site of this picture - AHEM, but I'll talk about that some other time...
I have a Compaq laptop for my day to day / on the go needs. Because I do a lot of digital photography, I carry my laptop with me everywhere.

The silver chair has a long history with me. I first sat in this chair in November 1992.
I had just started a new position at the bank and this chair happened to be at my new desk. After a couple of years and a few promotions, I became regarded as an oddball because I would always insist on bringing this chair with me. (In one office, everyone but me had $1500.00 leather chairs). Over time, I agreed to give up my chair for a replacement only if I could take it home with me. (At that time the chairs' upholstery was a frayed purple tweed, with black metal trim - blech). They agreed and I had a new chair.
I have since, re-upholstered it and had it painted silver.

After a long day, the chair sure does "Take a load off Fanny", or is it put one on?