An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta

2003 03 06 - Perspectives of a cyber personality.

Someone asked me why I go to all the trouble of creating a journal on a regular basis.

The reason is two-fold:
Firstly, I'm thinking about writing a book but wouldn't know where to begin or what to put in it.
I have had a lot of interesting things happen in my life, (Which I plan on getting around to posting soon enough) and I think if put together intelligently in a book it could make for some entertaining reading.
Delusions of grandeur ? Perhaps...

The second reason is for fun. I love the novelty of trying to come up with interesting, entertaining and fun things to post. I want to try to display my life experiences and keep you coming back for more.
I really like writing these, besides, I could use the brush-up on my literary skills.

In fact, I would appreciate your input.
Let me know what you think I might be missing or what could be improved - Don't be shy.
Email me at

I will be coming back to this post to try to include an appropriate picture.

Until then...