An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta
2003 03 08 - She sure is trouble...

Surfing the net about a year ago I came across a fetish model named Masuimi Max.
Her looks (and there are a few) where so unique and exquisite that I bookmarked her site to come back to again in the future.

And now I'm back.
Since I last visited her site it has changed in format somewhat. It is still worth the look.
I'll see if she'll send me some pictures to post here.

Something else worth mentioning is the photography itself.
The photographers she works with are very good and that has sure helped with the final product.

A woman with her looks would be a lot of trouble for me - Lets be honest, if she said, "Jump" I would eagerly ask, "How high?"

Looking at her picture I can't help but wonder...

... if I would ever recover!

Masuimi - You sure are trouble!