An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta
2003 03 16 - The Boys Club.

Yesterday I was supposed to go out with Mr. Mango but could not get a hold of him.
I had spent the whole morning and most afternoon painting the main bathroom while I waited to find out what my Saturday social activities were going to consist of. I have four bathrooms - Three of which have baths - All of which could use a paint job.

Since I couldn't get a hold of Mr. Mango, I decided to take the Turtles up on their offer of cards.

To all the ladies out there that wonder what guys do when they get together to play cards,
here's the rundown;

Drinking began the moment I arrived.
They bought pizza with only tomato sauce on it, which I thought was rather strange but said nothing as the pizza wasn't for eating until later - hmmmm?
We had the hockey game on and made fun of all the players as we watched - During commercials, we would make fun of each other, the whole time eating Jalapeno potato chips.
Upon the conclusion of the hockey game, the 'topless' pizza was placed in the oven to be reheated.
It was at this time that I figured out what the toppings were going to be - Hot Peppers.
I should mention that I am a shitty Latino, I don't stomach spicy / hot stuff very well, I even avoided the Jalapeno chips. But there would be no avoiding the hot peppers.
Not wanting to seem like a wimp I sucked it up and ate three slices with way too many hot peppers. (I had to eat otherwise the alcohol would have gotten to me).
After everyone finished their pizza's, the dice were brought out.
This, as I would find out, would replace the afore mentioned card game.
I would go on to lose $30.00.

So to summarize,
We gambled, we drank and we made fun of each other.