An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta
2003 03 19 - Hair of the dog.

I woke up this morning taking inventory of everyone I needed to make an apology to.
As I mentioned yesterday, I had a bit too much to drink and boy did I suffer this morning.

I have a habit of talking a lot and when I drink, I'm like 'super-me'.
I remember talking and talking but I can't remember what exactly I said.
At least the nice thing was that I wasn't alone. The actress in the pictures felt equally as bad, and get this - She had to shoot at a martini tasting event today. (OUCH)


As promised, Jodi was good enough to email me some pictures of her trip to Vegas.
I'm sure she has wilder pictures than the ones she sent me.
Perhaps she's shy.
Or maybe, she's afraid I'd post the 'good stuff' here.

On this night Jodi and a bunch of friends went out for a bachelorette party.
Just looking at this picture I'm reminded of my high school days. Remember all those beautiful cheerleaders?

Give me an H
Give me an O
Give me a T
What's that spell?
HOT, HOT, HOT,!!!!

(For the full effect, you'll have to picture me actually prancing about in a short skirt with little white socks and pom poms and that everlast pearly white grin - And NO, there's no f #@&*!@# way I'm including a picture of THAT! ).

God bless Las Vegas and beautiful women!