An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta
2003 03 22 - It's a small world.

Having worked at the Bank for eleven years I have made many acquaintances.

About a month ago, I received an email from an ex co-worker from a couple of years ago.

While working together we would always have a blast - Neither of us had the "right" personalities for the bank - We were both comedians in a room full of accountants.
Anyhow, over the last few years we would, somewhat rarely, exchange cyber - pleasantries, but never really more than that.
Her last email however, was rather interesting.

Here it is;
Hey All, I Just wanted to let everyone know that as of around 11am this morning I will no longer be at this e-mail address. I will be leaving on Saturday morning to live and work in Bermuda. My hotmail address is BLANK should anyone want to keep in touch.

Upon receiving this email I was rather taken aback. I mean this seems very drastic.
Had something happened?
Is this a good or bad thing?
Is she off to get married?
Or is this just a opportunity to try something different?

I thought I'd give it some time before writing, as I wanted to be sure she would be settled in.

Meanwhile, as you may recall I went on a restaurant shoot during the week.
Afterwards, I stayed behind with the actress at the restaurant.
A person sitting close by recognized us and had a bottle of champagne sent over.
Being polite, I walked over and introduced myself.
As it turns out, he has the same last name of the friend of mine that had just recently moved to Bermuda.
I asked him if he had a sister or relative named ….? And he did, and she had worked for the Bank!!!

I was beside myself, I couldn't wait to get back to my computer to send my Bermudian friend the email I had been holding off on. (Now, finally having something worth saying).

She was very pleased to hear from me and wouldn't you know it - Had a story for me!

She met, though a mutual friend, another girl that I used to work with at the bank.
(I now know two Bermudians! - I know where I'll be spending my next winter).
Unfortunately, the gentleman who bought us champagne was not relation but still, it was pivotal to my story.

What a small world it is.