An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta
2003 03 24 - Hochtaler Revisited.

Sorry I haven't been posting more often.
Working in a news house during wartime can get quite distracting.
Also, preparing my house for listing has been a tremendous undertaking, something I looking forward to completing soon.
Once done, I'll run around with a camera and post the pictures here.


Many of you may recall a commercial that was very popular several years back.
Hochtaler white wine.
There was this beautiful brunette that would dance and sing the "Hochtaler" song wearing stockings, high heels, a top hat and cane. (I'm not 100% about the stockings).
Shania Twain copied the commercial format in one of her videos, dressing the same.

Well, I was fortunate to actually meet the Hochtaler girl today!

She is so friendly, charming and down to earth that I was amazed.

Looking back to the commercial, I remember, as I'm sure many males in my age group will, just how sexy she was -and STILL is!

I always thought she was a lot taller than me. Must have been the heels.

Bottoms Up!