An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta
2003 03 26 - Have you huuged a lawyer today?

Two great things happened today with regards to the legal system and lawyers in particular.


And most importantly, a close friend of mine has had a falling out with his spouse.
What's worse is they share a lovely son and both want custody.
Admittedly, most mothers are better parents than the fathers, but I have to disagree in this instance.
She's a fine parent, I don't want to seem unfair here, but I am convinced that he is ultimately the better choice.
Anyhow, the courts have agreed and given my friend temporary custody of his son.
As I type this, I'm proud to announce that he is currently enjoying the second best day of his life. Congratulations my friend - Enjoy the happiness, you deserve it!


I met with the company lawyer today regarding branching out on my own.
You see, I'm looking to promote my web site and want to make sure that I am not creating any conflicts of interest in the process.
I had gone into the meeting rather concerned that my requests could get completely squashed.
On the contrary, he was both supportive and encouraging.
Although still up for discussions, I might be able to promote my site on the TV show I'm in.
That would certainly increase my traffic.

So if you haven't had a chance today, go out and hug a lawyer.