An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta
2003 03 31 - A Rose by any other name...

I have a fan!

I just love this Internet journal gig.

I mean, aside from being a big rock star or a Brad Pitt where else can I get a fan like this?

Meet my fan and newest addition to my best friend list Ariel Rose.
(Her site is worth the visit)

She, like many others prefer the way I used to have my goatee.
She suggested I consider removing the sides and keep the moustache and soul patch (The small section under my lip).
I'm still undecided..

I mentioned before that it's a small world right?
Well wouldn't you know it, Ariel will be in Vegas soon also.
What's that now? Two beautiful woman I've met through my site going to Vegas...
Anyhow, she'll be there before me so we won't be able to meet.

Is there a trend here?
I have got to get my ass to Vegas - Pronto!
With my luck, I'll get there for the Obese / Transvestite convention.
Not that there's anything wrong with that.
Who're we kidding - There's plenty wrong with that.

Before I forget, Ariel also thinks I'm funny, (Something lost on the Turtles).
I know she finds me incredibly sexy as well, she's just too shy to admit it.

That's OK Ariel, it'll be our little secret.