An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta
2003 04 03 - Lost in Donkers Germany

Every Saturday for the last two years I have diligently been going to German School.
I am now quite happy to say that my German is coming along quite nicely.

There is a girl (Whom I'll refer to as Ms. Donks) in my German class that started part-way through this year. She's taking the course because she is in school studying to become a hotel manager and wants to one day work in Germany - Hey, I didn't ask why, I'm just passing the story along.
Being of Dutch background, she has picked up the language quite well and has even managed to catch up to yours truly. Something I'm kind of embarrassed to admit.

Anyhow, I received a phone call this week from 'Ms. Donks' excitedly going on about how she managed to get a position at a hotel in Germany for the summer.

I was surprised.
I didn't actually think this kind of thing happened. How often do people study a career that they actually end up in? Especially the hospitality industry.
I know guys that studied the exact same thing and they only did it to meet women and party. Not one of them has ever worked in their studied profession, but they did meet women, so perhaps on a different level they too were successful.
Some might call a $5000.00 tuition fee a steep cover charge.

Just in case she's studying the hospitality industry to party and meet guys, I volunteered my services.
We went out last night for a couple of drinks to discuss Germany and to celebrate.
You can't beat a good education I always say.

Luckily for you, I brought my camera

Unluckily for me, the pics are all G-rated.