An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta
2003 04 06 - It's a done deal - Almost.

This was the first weekend my house was open for viewing to the public. It's a weird feeling having strange people walk through your house looking in your closets and such.

I decided to go out for a good portion of the day just so I wouldn't have to play host anymore. Before I left however, there was this nice couple that arrived. It's interesting how you know you will like someone by merely one glance.

I gave them the whole tour with commentary about what I had done to the place.
"The floors are maple, laid about three years ago"
"There used to be a wall here"
"I added these pot-lights two years ago"
"The fence is six years old"

As it turns out, they have a one-year-old child and need more room.
I knew they liked the place. I just didn't know if they would be able to afford it so I gave them my card and told them to feel free to call me if they had any further questions.
He called back asking if he could come by for another visit. He came by, asked some more questions about local schools and such and left.
(Shame he didn't bring his wife - My hospitality was, in part, motivated by her blue eyes).

Anyhow, I had plans to go out to a costume party last night, which was something I had been looking forward to for a few months now. I had my costume out and ready when I received a call from my real estate agent saying that someone wants to make an offer.
This is great, my house selling in less than I week!
I tell my agent that I'm free all day Sunday. She tells me that they don't want to wait on this and want to make an offer tonight. Damn! I was sure I would ruin my night and probably receive an offer that was too low to even be worth my time.
I reluctantly agree.

Wouldn't you know it, the couple that I had got along with so well where the ones that where making the offer. They made a very nice one - we haggled a bit and agreed to a final price.
The papers where signed, small talk was made and off they went leaving me feeling kind of sad that I just sold my house.
With the banks being closed, our contractual agreement now just hangs on their certified Cheque arriving on Monday. Because of this as I type this there are still two more people coming by to see the place.

I'm crossing my fingers in hopes that one of them is a stunning runway model - Contract?
What Contract?