An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta
2003 04 10 - The love-doctor is in.

There are two general rules when it comes to relationships.

One: You can never reheat old coffee. If the relationship is over - It's over.
Two: All advice when it comes to matters of the heart is useless!

Even though I feel very strongly about this I still fall pray to it. The other day, a female friend of mine had come to me about a situation regarding her partner.
I sat, listened, and offered advice.
All in all, I probably wasted a good half hour of my life as the advice was totally disregarded.
But hey, I should have known - T'was rule number two.

To change the subject for a moment; Why are we so blind in relationships?
Example: A woman that is continuously beaten by her partner will say, to a room full of people, "This is the last time - He promised". And yet she'd be the only one not seeing the obvious.
Most of the situations regarding issues in relationships are very similar as far as their obviousness.
So, why are we so blind?

Getting back on topic, I found myself giving advice on relationships again today.
This time it was a little trickier with the answer not being so clear for a number of reasons.
I gave some suggestions, and hope that everything works out.
(Should I be reminding myself about rule number 2?)

Tip to the ladies:
Men worry about how much women analyze the actions and words of their partners.
It generally scares the crap out of us because most of the time we don't even realize what's going on.
If a man asks, "What's wrong?" and you reply - "Nothing".
We are going to assume that nothing is wrong.
Please don't hate us for this.

Ok, now lets get that bothersome top off…