An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta
2003 04 13 - Web sites, birthdays, and eviction notices.

Last night I was feeling a little restless so I decided to get started on a promise I had made earlier today - creating a new web site for a friend of mine.

While I was talking to her I mentioned that it would only take a short while to erase the info from my web site to create a nice clean template to work on. Unfortunately, I decided to look around on the web for some ideas and found a couple of sites that inspired me to completely start from scratch. So my little comment about it only taking a short while should have been, "It will take me all night!"

Truth is, I'm compulsive obsessive.
Once I got started on the page, I had to keep going. Besides, I'll probably revamp my site to match the new one.

Unfortunately, I can't provide the link just yet as I still need info and pictures from her to make aesthetically pleasing. It shouldn't be too long now.

Another thing that I should mention is my dad's birthday today.
I knew it was today but had totally forgotten until I typed in the date on my journal.
So between typing the title and the beginning of my web-design tirade, I called my dad and wished him a happy birthday.

He's quite the cyber dad.
He has Internet connections at both his house and his business - Not that he needs it at either place.
He chats on-line with people, he joins clubs, he has a web cam and to top it all off he even has a nice digital camera.
When I called to wish him a happy birthday just now, I reached him on his cell phone - hiking on the Niagara Escarpment. (A real naturalist)

Next thing you'll know - he'll start his own journal page to tell you all what a pain in the ass son I was and how I threw a party at his warehouse once and smashed the front doors, or about the time I had the whole family evicted for throwing beer bottles off our 20th story balcony when I was 4, etc etc…

Happy Birthday dad.