An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta
2003 04 15 - Breakfast to die for.

Every morning on my way in to work I stop at the local coffee shop to pick up my usual banana bread and juice.

This morning I had to stand in line behind a grossly overweight individual while he had his bacon and eggs on toast prepared. Displaying obvious enthusiasm, he leans against the glass counter giving very specific details to the server to ensure it's perfection.
It's bacon and eggs for God's sake!

She just finishes buttering the toast, when he jumps in with a, "Whoa, lets not be so frugal with the butter, sweetie".
So she proceeds to apply more butter.
He asks for more.
She puts on more.
He asks for even more.
She has to put it on the other slice of toast.

At this point, I'm beginning to lose my appetite. I look at the guy and he's almost salivating on the counter. I feel like saying, "Man, I could hear you getting fatter!" Or perhaps, "How do you like you bacon and eggs - One scoop or two?"

Anyhow, I could tell that the girl was kind of laughing inside at the obviousness of the situation and who could blame her. The guy walked to a table with the biggest shit-eating grin I had seen in a while.

As for me, well I just ordered a water.