An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta
2003 04 22 - One giraffe. One seal. Classical music and other weird stuff.

I was watching the news a while back and saw this local news anchor that was both absolutely professional and beautiful beyond words - Wendy Petrie.
After watching her for a while I jumped onto the internet to see what I could find out about her.

The answer was quite simply - NOTHING!

Sure, there was a little blurb about her in the bio, but nothing else that would be of interest like pictures or a home number.
Here's the only picture of her I could find.

I did however find a website that shares my view of her.
"The Garry Show"
I decided to send them an email thanking them for letting me know I wasn't alone with my obsession.

Below is a copy of the reply I received;

Yo Paul, Sealy the Seal here, co-host of "The Garry Show" and HUGE Wendy Petrie fan..
Thanks for your letter about Wendy Petrie.
I'm glad to know me and my buddy aren't the only ones diggin' her scene, cuz I've asked around my circle of losers and no one seems to have heard of her..they probably do know who she is, but just don't pay much attention, for whatever reason.
It's very hard to NOT pay attention when she's on!
Her hair has been gettin' better lately too, which makes me happy.
Hope they fired the loser who was workin' on it before, cuz he/she/it was messin' it up big me, if I get any new pics of Wendy, I'll put em up ASAP because that CTV teeny tiny promo shot ain't cuttin' my mustard.
I'd LOVE to interview her too, which may be a possibility in the near future.
If that happens, I'll let you know..
I was checkin' out your website. Cool. LOVE the fact you were takin' pics for Penthouse Forum..that's quite the gig, on top of the many other cool things you've done.
"I always thought these letters were fake, until it happened to me.."..yeah. I could so write those letters for a livin'... if you know how I could possibly make that happen, let me know!
I'm lookin' for some career advancement at this point in my life!!
Sealy the Seal
CKMS 100.3 FM Programmer
"The Garry Show"

These guys are a strange bunch - Don't take my word for it, check out their site for yourself.