An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta
2003 04 29 - Lunch with my friend Travis

I wanted to get together with my friend the doppelganger for lunch today but she had a prior engagement she couldn't get out of. So I decided to call my friend and long time fan Travis to get together.

We agreed on a time and place and as usual, he was late - No excuse or reason provided.

I decide to let it pass as he's ALWAYS late for everything!
I said I would let it pass but I wouldn't forget.
I was reminded, while waiting for Travis and getting annoyed, of a message I read on a message board belonging to my new pin-up pal Gus T. Williker. In the post someone refers to Gus as a "Wenis".
A Wenis - I like that, it makes me laugh.
I think that I should change Travis' code name to Wenis.

I told Travis of my idea.
He said that he did not care for his new, and I quote, "Nom de plume".
In English this loosely means 'pen name'.
I told him I was going to quote his bi-linguistic quote and he asked that I not do so on account that he might look all, "Hoytie Toytie" (again, his words).

Anyhow, we arrive at the patio (It's another nice day out), and I order my drink and he orders his.
Can you guess which is his?

While Wenis is sipping away on his girly drink....

We hear a splat....

Wenis looks to see what it is....

A bird bombed him, missing by mere inches...

Here's the video of the reaction from Wenis. 
File size: 248 KB MPEG Format

I just shake my head and keep drinking.

Here's what the Wenis looks like through the bottom of my beer glass.

Beer Wenis
2003 - Beer Wenis

I wish the bird had made it's mark.
I can't help imagine how funny the pics would have been!