An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta
2003 05 02 - Someone call 911

I was going to grab a bit of ice-cream when I heard the 'ding dong' email notification come from my computer upstars.

I quickly grab the ice-cream and come running upstairs to see who emailed me.
I look at my inbox.
It's my favorite NY photographer Gina.
I open her email.
I notice there's an attachment, but like books, I don't ruin them by reading the last page so I read her email before proceeding to the picture (The anticipation is killing me!)
She says blah blah blah and it's picture time...
I open the pic...

It's a mug shot?

You're probably getting all excited about seeing the pic but alas, she has asked that I not share it.

I go back to re-read her email.

She tells me she has a new digital camera and was playing with some of the features...
Rewind that... digital camera?

Shit, that's how I do my whole journal every day.
One digital camera with timer / One tripod

Long gone are the days at the photomat where everyone would laugh when I'd arrive to pick up my dirty pictures!

C'mon Gina show me some love, lets see some more pics!
Don't get all caught up in clothes either... nudes are fine.

Anyhow back to where I started,

I'm pathetic.
It's Friday night and this is what I'm going to do;
Grab some ice-cream and surf the net a bit before going to sleep.
I need some friends or some kind of social life.

The worst part is that I've started eating this stuff and I can't stop.

Oh my GOD, I'm still eating...

It's dripping onto the keyboard, I don't stop...

Shit, I just ruined my new shirt, do I stop?

This brand of ice-cream is particularly dangerous.