An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta
2003 05 03 - Meine Deutsche Schule.

I've been taking German lessons for two years now.

Every Saturday morning I grunt and bear having to get up to get to class on time.
Leave it to the Germans to start classes so early.

I'm hoping to one day get to Germany and visit some of it's many landmarks.
Problem is, that after two years of German School, I still don't know how affluent I've become.
I need make some German friends to speak to.

Here I am in class today.

Everyone in class laughs at me because when they ask me to speak in German, all I do is speak English with a thick German accent.
(I've been told I do a mean Col. Klink)

I wonder what the comedy clubs are like in Deutschland?

Those Germans sure do crack me up!