An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta
2003 05 05 - Las Vegas, where the blood flows like wine.

I've been putting my trip to Las Vegas aside for the last little while because I've had so many other things to contend with - My new house, new car, and daily updates to my my journal have all been serious distractions.

Today however is different, I've decided to get out to Las Vegas for Jun 5 to 8.


I was on-line and came across the Ultimate Fighting Championship web site. It seems they're holding their next event on June 6.
I not only want to attend, I want to interview some of the fighters while they're there.
(This would also make for some fun pictures for my journal)

I've been a fan of the whole fight scene for as long as I can remember.
My father was a Greco Roman style wrestler and he would always encourage my brother and I to wrestle.

About seven years ago, my brother came over with a video tape of a new No-Rules fighting competition called "The Ultimate Fighting Championship".

I watched it and became an instant fan. I have watched every single one since then.
(This might be the reason for my interest in Toughman)

Here are some pics from my archives,

Dan Severn - UFC Heavy Weight Champion

The UFC Belt
My face looks like a can of mashed assholes.

Me with UFC Heavy Weight Champion and legend - Royce Gracie

The guys pictured above won't be fighting this June which is a shame because they are legends.