An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta
2003 05 20 - I got lucky Saturday night.

Here I was, Saturday night with no plans and no desire to pack any more boxes.
With the move coming up this Friday, I have had to lock myself away from anything that could potentially distract me from the move.

Just so everyone knows, I only have 24 hours to move.
I have no movers or big fancy trucks coming.
It's just going to be me, some family and, of course, my camera.
I'm sure that the pictures will be fantastic!

Anyhow, back to Saturday night.
I had no plans and started to get anxious about the possibility of me doing nothing.

I make a few phone calls and before I knew it I had some borrowed lighting equipment and a model wanting to pose for me.

Meet Maria.
Or as I like to call her, Miss Italy.

I spent my Saturday night doing what I do best.... I mean taking pictures.

I have updated my web site with the new pictures.

Maria was the first model I have worked with that kept saying, "I think we have enough pictures now".
I couldn't help it, I just kept snapping picture after picture.
I think the reason was twofold;
One: I just love to take pictures
Two: Anything to avoid my move.

I felt like I was a bad break-up at the end of the night - You know the kind.
The ones that don't want to let you go.

Please stay, PLEEEEASE!