An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta
2003 06 13 - Belonging to a Carnival

Travis invited me to a carnival today.
It was a local carnival celebrating something or other, I don't recall.

Anyhow, I show up on time and wait for a while...

and a while...

and a while...

After waiting quite a while, I decide to venture in to look around.

He didn't tell me it was going to be in a grassy area after a rainfall.
I can kiss these shoes good-bye.

I finally arrive at the stage where the performance is going to take place.
The first act is of particular importance to me.

You see, I had studied hypnotism for quite some time and was quite good at it.
I was actually considering going on the road with a hypnotism act, but that's a story for another time.
Anyhow, The Incredible Boris was performing and I have been quite fond of his act for quite some time now.
I guess Travis being late was not a big deal. I get to enjoy the show with no distractions now.


The show was a huge success - as always.

I was lucky enough to meet Boris after the show.
Great guy, I hope he has more shows lined-up for the near future. I need more reasons to get out of the house.

Back to Travis.

He finally arrives and I give him an earful.

He actually tried to give me excuses for being late!

I decided to be polite because he brought his girlfriend Jenny along.


Why Jenny puts up with his crap, I'll never know.

I asked Travis if he would take a picture of me being a fool while it's still daylight.
This is before I consumed too much alcohol.


OK, at this point I had consumed too much alcohol.
Wouldn't you know it, I bump into an old friend of mine C.

My friend C

I get her to agree to pose for a picture and voila - meet my friend C.

I can't help think to myself, "Hey Paul, you could look really cool if you get your pictures taken with a whole bunch of girls"

A few beers later - I'm on a mission...

This one is wild about parties.

She also had a friend. A devil of a pair.

These two sold me a Hamburger...

Hamburger vixens

On my way to my car after the concert, I decided to join a street vendor selling some hot dogs and drinks.

I told him I was Paul Buceta, but it didn't help me get a free drink - The nerve of some people.

After spending a dollar and bitching about it, I bumped into my last photo victim of the night; Theresa.

Theresa was standing with her two kids admiring my car.
This has never happened to me before - A fan and soccer mom.
I was quite beside myself.

Here's an interesting fact about tonight.

Every single female I asked to photograph with was concerned the pictures would appear on the Internet somewhere.

Even after I assured them they wouldn't, most of them declined.

Any idea why?